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I'm Heather Noël

For years, I immersed myself in self-help books, workshops, and seminars, yet my life remained mostly unchanged. In search of a breakthrough, I narrated "The Greatest Problem-Solving Secret in the Universe" and committed to listening to the recording for 60 consecutive days.

Astonishingly, toward the end of the 60 days an instant and profound transformation followed. In the midst of chaos, I discovered a deep, unwavering calm that continues to this day!

The most extraordinary aspect? I've shared this method with thousands over the past 25 years and it boasts a 100% success rate! The key to this unparalleled achievement quickly became evident: this process fundamentally rewires your brain!

This isn't just a theory; it's a proven fact (check out neuroplasticity). Adhere to the simple instructions, and it works—without fail, every time! Learn More:
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Peace Amidst Chaos

In this testimonial, Jacqueline Rosales recounts her journey from a successful but unhappy executive to her life-changing experience with 'The Results Program,' emphasizing its transformative impact.

"I have to tell you that yesterday was a terrible day for me. I am hormonal, tired, stressed, angry at some key people... the weather has been awful and everything that could go wrong did... I was a cat on a hot tin roof by the time I got home.

"I started to listen to your recordings thinking i would last five minutes, I listened to the first three recordings and it was like liquid valium. my body relaxed, my mind cleared. I was blown away. today is a whole different day, and i'm still hormonal, etc. you have me now... i'm yours. let's play."

- Judy Rybeck

Producer at CBS News: 48 Hours

“When I began The Results Program, I was your typical high performing executive straight out of Silicon Valley. An obsessive-compulsive over thinker, I was unconsciously stuck in thought patterns and mental loops that little did I know, was the root cause of my perpetual unhappiness. 

Heather’s program is not an overnight process — it requires unwavering commitment and consistency in practice. But if you stick with it, it’s a guaranteed transformation that will last a lifetime.”

- Anne Espiritu

Former Head of Global PR and Communications, Yahoo

The Results Program

There's no shortage of personal development programs out there, yet The Results Program stands out with its unique blend of daily audio lessons.'How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse' is a cornerstone of this approach, specifically focusing on the creation of new neural pathways through daily repetition.

Possessing knowledge is one thing; truly embodying it—feeling it deep within—is another.

This program is akin to updating the software of your brain. By applying these concepts every day, you reprogram your mental and emotional responses to challenges, turning ideas into tangible realities.

"The Greatest Problem-Solving Secret” lies at the core, encouraging acceptance and peace with 'what is', leading to dramatic shifts in perspective and experience.

But the innovation doesn't stop here. See the exclusive next-level content below!

Exclusive Next-Level Content

The Game Audiobook

"A thrilling fantasy-adventure that opens the heart and mind, taking the listener on a journey of infinite possibilities."
~Jack Canfield

An integral part of The Results Program, "The Game" audiobook is a multi-dimensional experience that combines the thrill of a wild fantasy-adventure with deep inner transformation. It captivates and assists listeners in internalizing the concepts on a deeper level.

This imaginative engagement is essential, as it paves the way for the effective application of the Emotional Transformation Code (ETC), allowing individuals to reimagine and heal past traumas with greater ease and depth.



The Emotional Transformation Code (ETC) is a revolutionary and pioneering therapeutic technique that transcends the boundaries of traditional therapy.

Rather than focusing on analysis, ETC guides you to imagine going back in time to actively reimagine your emotional history. The outcome is profound and immediate – a complete liberation from emotional burdens that have long weighed you down.

Unlike other methods, where relief can be gradual, this technique offers an instant release, a freedom that is both palpable and transformative, and takes place in one session.

The only requirement is your willingness to be fully in your imagination!

Quantum Synergy

ETC and "The Game" audiobook introduce a unique blend of imaginative play, deep emotional work, and consistent practice.

Each offers distinct tools for personal growth, designed to work synergistically, not only with each other but also with the foundational elements of The Results Program.

This collaboration fosters a dynamic environment for lasting change, allowing individuals to reshape their experiences through the power of imagination.

This innovative synergy marks a significant advancement in the realm of self-help and personal growth, moving beyond mere knowledge to experiencing deeply embodied change.

ETC: Real Stories, Real Results

Lisa Dragos

Ezriyah Ben Derrick

Amelia Rachel Noël

Meeting Infinite Christ Light

In this video, Becca and Amelia share their transformative ETC experiences, highlighting their encounters with Infinite Christ Light, a force beyond understanding. Becca's strong religious background contrasts with Amelia's lack of formal beliefs, yet their experiences showcase the universal ability to experience a love so pure and vast, it challenges explanation.

“I have spent about 30 of my 56 years on the planet in weekly talk therapy. I must say that I have changed the quality of my life more during my 60 days of working with The Results Program than through all of that psychotherapy.

I believe that these life-changing results occurred because the program gave me practical tools for me to apply to paying attention to my feelings, changing my thinking and thus changing my experience of living.”

- Peter Kindfield Ph.D.

Principal/Custodian, The Farm School Solar & Satellite Campuses

The Big Picture

Valerie Valene's comprehensive discussion offers an all-encompassing look at The Results Program, detailing the integration of The Game Audiobook and ETC within the overall program structure.

The Results Program was a life altering 60 day adventure. To have so much clear and concise guidance from such a respected teacher was a once in a lifetime experience.

Through the 60 days I felt held in the space of growth and enjoyed bonding with people from all over the country – all looking to remove blocks and bring more joy into their lives.

I would recommend The Results Program to anyone ready to shift their lives and perspectives into more abundance!

Thank you so much Heather!!

I am forever changed.

~ Xanthe Alexis, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Julita Machalski

Mayla Lambert

Nora Gibson


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Discover a secret that isn't just a piece of knowledge; it's a practical tool that's been overlooked, yet it's incredibly potent. What if you could leverage the very things that hold you back as the catalysts for your growth? Check out the guide for answers!

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GURUS and SELF-HELP GIANTS might have reshaped the world of personal growth...

But here’s the UNDENIABLE TRUTH:

None provide an IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE you can rewire your thought processes and fundamentally change your brain's wiring in just 60 Days!

With typical self-help approaches, you could spend ages trying to absorb knowledge, yet you're at the mercy of your brain's established neural pathways.

These automatic reactions can undermine your progress in a heartbeat, revealing the harsh truth: No matter your knowledge, you have very little control over these ingrained responses.

And all it takes is a single moment of stress or distraction for your mind to revert to old patterns – and suddenly, all your personal growth efforts vanish in an instant!

Fortunately, The Results Program offers a new path. It teaches you how to rewire your brain for success. Once you master this, it's game on!

  • You'll establish new mental habits, granting you the power to choose your responses — without worrying about slipping back into those old, deep-seated patterns that block your success in relationships, finances, or health.
  • Committing to this program daily guarantees success in ways old-school methods can't – they talk a big game but fail to show you how to truly transform your brain. That's why no one else offers a 60-day guarantee!

The Results Program stands as a revolutionary and unparalleled method to achieve lasting change!


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