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Author and expert teacher, Heather Noel brings you a 40-day online journey to transformation – ‘The Results Program.’ The essential tool in this course is an audio program called ‘How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse.’ It’s not just another self-help tool, but a groundbreaking method to master the art of transformative change.

You’ve probably read countless self-help books, attended seminars, and taken workshops, only to revert back to old habits within days. The reason for this is simple yet profound – the neural pathways, or ‘mental habits’ in your brain, quickly reclaim control. The key to overcoming this issue lies in the art of repetition, in deliberately rewiring the brain to foster a new, successful pattern of thinking.

‘How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse’ is intricately designed to guide you on a remarkable journey of neural transformation. By faithfully listening to at least one track each day, and applying what you learn throughout the day, you set a course away from restrictive, fear-based thinking and towards a world of possibility and self-growth. The continuous redirection of focus from old, limiting thought processes towards newfound perspectives initiates the creation of fresh neural pathways. In an average span of 30 to 40 days, these neural pathways mature, paving the way for new, empowering habits of mind. This shift ultimately results in a profound transformation of your everyday life, opening doors to a whole new reality shaped by you.

This transformation doesn’t require any special training. Your willingness to change and consistency in listening to a daily track are all you need. Remember, consistency is key. Not a day should be skipped in this process.

‘How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse’ provides you with step-by-step guidance for this transformation, explaining everything clearly. You can start right now. Click on the link below and begin this innovative journey towards lasting change.

When I began The Results Program, I was your typical high performing executive straight out of Silicon Valley. An obsessive-compulsive over thinker, I was unconsciously stuck in thought patterns and mental loops that little did I know, was the root cause of my perpetual unhappiness.

Heather’s program is not an overnight process — it requires unwavering commitment and consistency in practice. But if you stick with it, it’s a guaranteed transformation that will last a lifetime.

Anne Espiritu

Former Head of Global PR and Communications, Yahoo

I have to tell you that yesterday was a terrible day for me. I am hormonal, tired, stressed, angry at some key people… the weather has been awful and everything that could go wrong did… I was a cat on a hot tin roof by the time I got home. I started to listen to your recordings thinking i would last five minutes, I listened to the first three recordings and it was like liquid valium. my body relaxed, my mind cleared. I was blown away. today is a whole different day, and i’m still hormonal, etc. you have me now… i’m yours. let’s play.

Judy Ryback

Producer, CBS News: 48 Hours

I have been working through The Results Program alongside my wife, and I have found it invaluable. I am skeptical — and often cynical — and many of the exercises therein have dissolved my usual dubious attitude. The days I’ve spent with the program have indeed softened much of my emotional scar tissue, and for that, I am grateful to you. The insights that have been unlocked for me have brought healing and self-awareness and an impulse to usher in even more of the same. Thank you again for your program, and please know that I have found it infinitely healing.

Norman Leonard

Professor, Laguna College of Art and Design

The Results Program has literally changed the course of my life! I wouldn’t be where I am today, running my own business and working as a learning specialist with hundreds of amazing children over the last nine years if it hadn’t been for the life-altering outcomes that came with my working through the Results Program. The daily “lessons” are not only fun and thought-provoking but they are flexible as well so you can adjust them to the time you have available for that day. The lessons created an awareness for me that I desperately needed and once that awareness was seen I was able to change my life, for the better, and I am forever grateful! If you are hesitating about taking this course, put those thoughts to rest and just do it! You will NOT be disappointed.

Kelly Williams-Cavanaugh

Learning Specialist

The Results Program is a life changing program. It taught me to look at my reactions to situations and how those reactions were choices I made that were creating stress and frustration in my life. It taught me to take radical responsibility for my actions and reactions and stop demanding certain behaviors from others. This program combines all the best teachings and puts them together in one place. The concepts are not hard to implement, but the program requires daily practice in order to shift energy and create new habits. After completing the program, I continue to practice the concepts daily and see benefits in my relationships and overall life experience.

Lindsay Polic

Lindsay Polic Consulting, Inc

I have spent about 30 of my 56 years on the planet in weekly talk therapy. I must say that I have changed the quality of my life more during my 60 days of working with The Results Program than through all of that psychotherapy. I believe that these life-changing results occurred because the program gave me practical tools for me to apply to paying attention to my feelings, changing my thinking and thus changing my experience of living.

Peter Kindfield Ph.D.

Principal/Custodian, The Farm School Solar & Satellite Campuses

Growing up, I experienced childhood and adult trauma and had been in and out of therapy since I was 15. However, my experiences with therapists were not always positive, with one telling me that child abuse was normal and two others recommending drugs for different diagnoses. I struggled to find a long-term therapist and was even told to stop if I did not feel better by now.  Enter Heather and the Results Program, which has completely changed the trajectory of my life. 

The program helps break old neuropathways and create new, supportive ones. With repetition, I have developed awareness, focus, presence, loving detachment, resilience, inner peace, and improved my relationships. Accessing the program on repeat has allowed me to pinpoint the lessons that apply to specific situations. While I may need the same lesson every day for a week, it always yields the desired results. I recommend the Results Program above a college degree as it has saved my life during my darkest moments. Thank you, Heather, for creating the program!

Theresa Gutierrez

Life Coach

The Results Program freed up my spirit to live in uncompromising joy all of the time – not just sometimes, but ALL of the time! This vibration continues to build upon itself and create such graceful and deep ways to navigate life. This is a priceless gift to realize and a tool we can use to intentionally live our life purpose on this planet in joy and in harmony with the natural magical cycles of life. Mahalo Heather for sharing this program!

Darshan Mendoza

Founder, Akuahā Healing Retreat - Volcano, Hawaii

I’ve had Heather Noel’s “How to Feel Better” CD for years, but one day I was inspired to see what else she had created and discovered The Results Program. I was ready for all of the amazing content and challenged myself to complete the program in 40 days. I loved the daily lessons, videos, and journal prompts, and found myself looking forward to my time with the program every day. The program helped me achieve my personal goals of having a closer relationship with Spirit and a deeper understanding of others. Although some of the content was overwhelming at first, I still got so much out of the program and had a shift in my life perceptions and focus. I will forever be grateful for what Heather has created and highly recommend The Results Program to anyone.

Chrystine Gonzalez

Educator and Creator of "Mindful Kids" program for teachers

The Results Program has truly been a game-changer in my life, transforming it in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me to break free from the negative thoughts and feelings that were holding me back, and to create a new and more fulfilling path for myself. I can say with confidence that this program has been more effective for me than years of conventional therapy ever were. 

One of the most significant changes that the Results Program has brought about for me is in my relationships with my family and friends. I used to feel like I had to fix everything and everyone around me, but the program has taught me to step back and let others figure things out for themselves. This has not only reduced the pressure I used to feel, but it has also helped my loved ones to grow and thrive on their own. As a result, my marriage of 13 years is stronger than ever, and I have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with my son and granddaughter.

If you’re looking for a new approach to personal growth and fulfillment, I cannot recommend the Results Program highly enough. It has had a profound impact on my life, and I know that it can do the same for you. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try, and everything to gain.

Lisa Dragos

CPA Partner

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