Step into ‘THE GAME Audiobook’ and brace yourself for an unparalleled adventure through hidden realms. What starts as a simple day hike swiftly morphs into a harrowing adventure spanning a massive secret underground military base, experiments with alternate dimensions, unseen worlds and even the afterlife.

Dive into the heart of cosmic mysteries and unearth deep truths that not only question the very fabric of reality but also reveal that Earth—and perhaps your own existence—isn’t what you’ve been led to believe.

But ‘THE GAME’ Audiobook transcends mere storytelling. It’s a transformative expedition that challenges your understanding of existence and unlocks new perspectives in your own Game of Life. Your reality is about to shift—Heather Noël is the author and narrator of ‘THE GAME Audiobook,’ and it features the first-of-its-kind full-length soundtrack by Scott Buckley.

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“Heather Noël represents a welcomed new addition to the great storytellers of the human spirit.”


“Heather Noël has written a thrilling fantasy-adventure that opens the heart and mind, and takes the listener on a journey of infinite possibilities.”

- Jack Canfield

First of all, if you’re expecting a dystopian storyline – this is not it! Yes, it’s about Earth as a playing field with all kinds of wild and crazy things going on – like any awesome game! But this story takes you on a completely unexpected journey within yourself! The storyline itself is absolutely FABULOUS, I never knew what to expect and I LOVE the fact that I can listen, hands free, and still be playing a game while doing dishes or driving ! Heather Noël is not only an incredible, inspiring writer, she manages to bring your awareness to the fact that not only do you create your own experiences ALL of the time, without realizing it, but she weaves in the most remarkable opportunities to create consciously!

Whether or not you take advantage of those opportunities is totally up to each player. I home school my five children, and The Game is now officially part of our curriculum! I’m sure my kids will be teaching me all kinds of things and ‘reminding’ me whenever I get off-track!

- Becca Breinholt